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Life Insurance

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Everyone knows they should have life insurance. But far too many folks procrastinate until it is too late. ‚Äč

Your greatest asset

is not your money,


And we all know that could literally be gone in a heart beat. 

A few dozen folks that I've worked with kept making excuses why they couldn't buy their life insurance plan. Now the 41 year old male can't because of a stroke. The 44 year old female can't because of COPD. The 58 year old who's options are extremely limiting and expensive because of complications from Diabetes. And 3 times I've had people die before I could get back to them. Procrastination is very expensive. 

Here are a few Life insurance myths:

  1. I can save money by waiting to purchase my life insurance later.
  2. I don't need life insurance because the government will pay all of my final expenses.
  3. I can't afford it.
  4. It is ALWAYS best to buy term life insurance.
  5. All companies are the same.

Here are the facts:

  1. The older you get the less benefit you get for your investment, plus you chance being placed in a higher risk bracket because of health.
  2. Social Security gives the surviving spouse only $255 for final expenses. You get a little more if you were a veteran. That isn't nearly enough for final expenses. Plus there is far more reason to have an appropriate amount. Look for the link below for a life insurance calculator.
  3. It is a matter of your priorities. Doing the responsible thing should be your priority. One lady I worked with would not give up 5 cigarettes a day from her 2 pack a day habit to do the right thing. Be smarter than that.
  4. For younger folks, term life insurance should be a critical part of their financial planning and is best when used for specific reasons like mortgage protection and income replacement. But, if in your later years your investments didn't produce that grand nest egg you'd hoped for, you will wish you also had some permanent insurance. You should have coverage for at least final expenses. Check out this blog from Click here.
  5. I represent dozens of different companies and each and every one of them have a slightly different target audience. This is why it is to your advantage to work with an independent agent.


To Learn the fundamentals of life insurance to help determine what is best for you

Click Here.


     The link I am providing you with to determine how much life insurance you need is from a non profit website. This way there is no bias. After you determine what dollar amount you need, call me and we can determine the best way to get you there.

CLICK here for a life insurance calculator.


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