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I can take the "fus out of the confusion.

I teach a FREE Medicare Class on a regular basis at the Noblesville Senior Citizen Organization. Call for dates and times. 

The event is for education purposes only. There will be no marketing material available and no company specific plans will be discussed.



Everyone agrees, Medicare is confusing. Some folks even get angry about Medicare. However, I appreciate that our government gives us such a wonderful benefit. Here are some basics.

Medicare has 4 PARTS:

  • Part A - the cost of this is ZERO if you meet the qualifications, that is if you've worked a minimum of 40 quarters (10 Years) or you were married to someone who did work 40 quarters.  Medicare Part A begins when you turn 65 or are disabled. This part covers the hospital costs. There will be significant copays for you to pay along with what Medicare pays. Good reason to have a Medicare supplements Medicare Advantage . For more information click Here.
  • Part B - This part is optional but very necessary. Wise folks take this as soon as they are able. There is a charge for Part B and that charge is based on you income level. The Standard rate for 2022 is $170.10.  
  • This part covers the doctors costs. There is a small annual deductible then an 80% - 20% copay. Thank God Medicare pays the 80%, but I've seen the 20% bankrupt people. Another good reason to have a Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage. For more information on part B click Here.
  • Part C - Also know as a Medicare Advantage program or MA or MAPD plan. This will be covered in a different tab. But you need to know this, by law, you can not have both a Medicare Supplement and a Medicare Advantage program.
  • Part D - the "D" will help you to remember this is coverage for your DRUGS. There are 4 phases to every drug plan. The first phase is the deductible. Companies are allowed to go up to but not over $480 annually in 2022. Many companies have lower deductibles and some are $0 deductibles. Phase two, is the copay phase. The guideline is Medicare pays 75% and you pay 25%. Here again companies are allowed to offer you something better. Phase three is called the Gap Coverage or the DONUT HOLE. After the total drug costs reaches $4430, you pay about 25% of the drug cost. Once the total out of pocket costs of your drugs reaches $7050 you enter the last phase. The final phase is called the "Catastrophic Phase" where you will only pay about 3% to 8% of the cost of the drug. 
  • For more information regarding part D click Here.
  • YOU might qualify for EXTRA HELP for Part D. The basic guidelines in 2021 are; if your income is under $19,560 a year ($26,376 for a married couple) and less than $15,510 in resources ($30,950 for a married couple), you would qualify for assistance with the cost of your prescription drugs.

Contact Me

Bob Adams, CLTC, CCD

23 S 8th St Ste 800

Noblesville, IN 46060

Hamilton County


[email protected]

"We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options." 

Note: by calling the number above or contacting me via email you are authorizing a licensed insurance agent (ME) to contact you.