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Why a Medicare Supplements?

I like the way AARP says it in their TV commercials, "companies offering Medicare supplements help to pay all or some of what Medicare does not pay." They say it this way because every plan that is offered, A thru N, is dictated by Medicare. So every company's plans offer the same benefits. In other words, what is in United Health Care's "plan G" is the same as every other company's "plan G." This makes shopping a bit easier. 

There is an alphabet soup of plans available starting with "Plan A" up to "Plan N." Each of the different plan letters will vary in benefit or coverage.  However, every company offering the Plan "G" will have the same benefits..... SO


Essentially, the only difference one company has from another company is their price. You need to know the difference between the 3 methods of pricing. There is Attained Age, Issue Age and Community Based ratings. Choosing the wrong plan could cost you over $200,000 in unnecessary premiums. 

If you and I visit, I will help you to know the pros and cons of each company, and there many good companies to choose from. However, this is not a one size fits all kind of thing. THERE ARE DIFFERENCES. As a broker, I work with all of the major carriers and can help you know the differences. Agents that offer only one company try to make you fit them by making the other companies look bad. I know because that was what I was taught when I was only able to offer one company. There are truly no bad companies, only agents that try to pressure you into their plans. BEWARE!


The Big three are: United Health Care (also know as AARP), Anthem, and Mutual of Omaha. Combined, these three companies cover about 50% of the senior health market. Besides being able to offer these programs, there are a few smaller companies that I like and offer as well. Some of the smaller companies I can offer in my state of Indiana are Humana, Central States Insurance, Oxford, Aetna and Cigna. There are lots of other companies, but stick with one of these.  I know the analytics of all the companies in the state and therefore the risks.  Let's talk before you make a choice.  

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